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make me choose » anonymous asked you: demi lovato or taylor swift?

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I like seeing this old Piper temper.

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I’m never getting spray tanned again at a Vietnamese doughnut shop.

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Lorde is 17 and just won 2 Grammys I’m 21 and I spilled yogurt on my chest this morning 

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make me choose: rachel berry or santana lopez

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If you want me to apologize for defending you or for fighting back when somebody hurts you, then I can’t do that.

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arizona robbins memespeeches [1/?]
↳ "I wanted you to understand that I run my Peds unit a little differently than you may be used to." - Invest In Love (6x08)

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Emilia Clarke behind the scenes of Marie Claire (May 2014) [x]

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If you have a cat on the cover of a book, it will sell loads more copies. If and when I write my first, I’m putting a frickin cat on there.

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Chris Evans and his flawless physique.

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